Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Fans: Virginia Cavaliers

Virginia Cavaliers
Virginia Cavaliers
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Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Fans: Virginia Cavaliers combines the great passion of the Cavaliers fan with the great passion of the fan of Christ into one set of devotions, one book that is fun while providing a time of reflection about God and your faith.

• In a shootout with BYU, George Welsh made a call so bold that a writer called it “unthinkable.”

• The clock ticked to zero in the soccer national championship game -- and nobody knew whether or not the Cavs had won.
• UVa legend Bill Dudley was so good that a losing football team once helped carry him to the locker room on their shoulders.

• Al Groh once got thrown out of a UVa lacrosse match, but he got a free lunch out of the deal.

• Bryant Stith once scored 17 points in the last 3:14 of a game to fuel an amazing Cavalier comeback.

These stories and more are recounted here. Also appearing are Dawn Staley, Ralph Sampson, Tiki Barber, Chris Long, Debbie Ryan, and many others. Their stories – along with legendary games, improbable victories, and historical events – are told with a twist: They are all tied to God’s story.

Have fun! Have faith!
Go Cavs! Go God!

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