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Read Acts 5:29-42.

“If it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God” (v. 39).

Austin Carr was once so unstoppable in the NCAA Tournament that he set a record some insist will never be broken.

Who is the greatest men’s basketball player in Notre Dame history? Writer Lou Somogyi has declared that there can be only one answer. “No deep contemplation is required,” he wrote. “No hypothetical conjectures are necessary. The answer remains elementary: Austin Carr, Class of 1971.”

History bears him out. Carr played at Notre Dame from 1968-71 in what has been called “the golden age of scorers.” He was the linchpin that propelled the program to three NCAA tourney berths and a record of 61-24 during his time in South Bend.

The most prolific scorer in school history, Carr averaged 38.1 points per game as a junior and 37.9 points as a senior. He was a consensus first-team All-America and the national Player of the Year in 1971 and still holds practically every school scoring record.

At no other time, however, was Carr as unstoppable as he was on March 7, 1970, in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. In a 112-82 win over Ohio, Carr poured in 61 points. One researcher reviewed the game and determined that had the 3-point shot been around then, Carr would have scored 73 points.

Nevertheless, his total of 61 points still stands as the greatest single scoring night in NCAA Tournament history. With the way the game is played today, Carr’s achievement is now generally regarded as one of the sport’s unbreakable records.

With his team way ahead late, Irish head coach Johnny Dee told Carr, “We’ve got the game won. I gotta get you out.” Carr knew he was only a few points away from breaking the record of 58 points. He told Dee, “I guess I better try to get it then.” He did.

Called “the unguardable guard,” Austin Carr was stopped most nights only when the clock ticked down to zero.

Isn’t that just the way we would like our life to unfold? One success after another in our career, our family, our investments — whatever we tackle. Unstoppable. The reality is, though, that life isn’t like that at all. At some point, we all run into setbacks that stop us dead in our tracks. Everyone does — except God.

For almost two thousand years, the enemies of God have tried to stop Jesus and his people. They killed Jesus; they have persecuted and martyred his followers. Today, heretics and infidels — many of them in America — are more active in their war on Christianity than at any other time in history.

And yet, the Kingdom of God advances, unstoppable despite all opposition. Pursuing God’s purposes in our lives puts us on a team bound for glory. Fighting against God gets his enemies nowhere. Except Hell.

It’s a good feeling to have the record. I’m amazed it has lasted [this] long. — Austin Carr on his 61 points in the NCAA Tournament

God’s kingdom and purposes are unstoppable no matter what his enemies try.

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