Today's Featured Devotion

Today's Featured Devotion


Read Psalm 33:1-15.

“The plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations” (v. 11).

Though they were the team that was ranked No. 1, the Tigers were underdogs to fourth-ranked Nebraska in the 1982 Orange Bowl — but coach Danny Ford had a plan.

Ford’s strategy to overcome the big advantage Nebraska had with its superior size and strength centered on being ready for the Miami weather. Thus, Ford took his Tigers down to Florida early, and he proceeded to put them “through a brutal barrage of drills.” The Tigers ran 40-yard dashes and “drills at breakneck speed without pads. They ran until some of them were at the point of vomiting.”

The wisdom of Ford’s approach revealed itself before the first kickoff. Game night in Miami showed up with a temperature of 77 degrees and 74-percent humidity. Nose tackle William Devane looked across at the Nebraska players during warmups and saw that the “Nebraska players, who were warming up without their pads, . . . were wringing, soaking wet with sweat. Clemson’s players had pads on and were barely sweating.”

The conditions cost the Tigers dearly. For instance, defensive tackle Dan Benish lost thirteen pounds, and quarterback Homer Jordan fainted from exhaustion when the game ended. But the Cornhuskers had it worse. In the second quarter Benish noticed Nebraska center Dave Rimington struggling to catch his breath. Benish and fellow defensive tackle Jeff Bryant “felt great.”

Benish said of the Cornhuskers that in the fourth quarter, at crunch time with Clemson hanging on to a 22-15 lead, Nebraska “ran out of steam. . . . They couldn’t come off the line. They couldn’t do anything.”

Danny Ford’s plan worked to perfection: 12-0 perfection.

Successful living, like winning a football game, takes planning. You go to school to improve your chances for a better paying job. You use blueprints to build your home. You plan for retirement. You map out your vacation to have the best time. You even plan your children — sometimes.

Your best-laid plans, however, sometime get wrecked by events and circumstances beyond your control. The economy goes into the tank; a debilitating illness strikes; a hurricane hits. Life is capricious and thus no plans — not even your best ones — are foolproof.

But you don’t have to go it alone. God has plans for your life that guarantee success as God defines it if you will make him your planning partner. God’s plan for your life includes joy, love, peace, kindness, gentleness, and faithfulness, all the elements necessary for truly successful living for today and for all eternity.

God’s plan for your life will not fail. You just have to put him in charge.

A man without a plan doesn’t have a future. — TCU head football coach Gary Patterson

Your plans help ensure a successful life; God’s plans will ensure a successful eternity.

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