Today's Featured Devotion

Today's Featured Devotion


Read Mark 14:66-72.

Peter remembered Jesus had said to him, “Three times you will say you don’t know me.” Peter cried.

The Bulldogs got a star football player because some coaches made a mistake. They called him on the phone.

Bill Krug was a first-team All-SEC defensive back in 1976 and ‘77. He was part of one of the most famous plays in Bulldog history in the 1976 Florida game. The Bulldogs stopped the Gators on fourth-and-one and came from behind to win 41-27. They won the SEC.

From Maryland, Krug had pretty much decided to play for the University of Maryland. He didn’t know much about UGA.

But Georgia pushed hard late. He visited Athens and liked what he saw. So Krug told coaches from both schools that he wanted a week to think about it and not to call him.

The Maryland coaches blew it. They called Krug a few days later, and that made up his mind. He was headed to Athens.

Only one man has ever walked this Earth and been perfect. That was Jesus. You’re not him. That means you will make mistakes. You will not make all hundreds on your tests. You will not make every play in softball or soccer. You will trip and fall sometimes and embarrass yourself. You will be mean to others sometime.

All your mistakes can be forgiven if you ask God for forgiveness. That means God forgets about them. Even Peter’s awful mistake in denying that he knew Jesus was forgiven because he came back to Jesus. He went on to be the main man in starting the Christian church.

The one mistake you must never make is to kick Jesus out of your life completely. God won’t forget about that one.

What mistakes did you make today that hurt other people? Ask God for forgiveness of them.

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