If you or someone you know has grown closer in their faith walk or our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, has been glorified in some small part by our devotionals, we'd love to give God praise for His faithfulness. Have Faith! Have Fun! Go God!

"When he arrived and saw what the grace of God had done, he was glad and encouraged them all to remain true to the Lord with all their hearts."
Acts 11:23 (NIV)

"I picked up the Florida Gator devotion in Blue Ridge GA last month. I enjoyed it so much that I went back and purchased 2 more, one for my daughter . . . who is a huge Gator fan and the other for my son . . . who is graduating UF next month. I personally look forward to my daily devotion because it combines some Gator lore with some very relevant(oh me) word of God. Your research must've been exhaustive especially as many schools and kids versions you have authored - bless you! Thanks also for leaving a couple of blank pages at the front so I can write a personal note to {my children}."

Tom C. (April 2020)

"I just purchased a copy of your Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Fans. The book is really good. I have two Die-Hard Gator fans (Grandchildren). They were in Florida Saturday for the game. They are down there every chance they get. When I saw yours and {your wife's} names on the book I had to have a copy. Hope you are well and enjoying retirement."

Mary C. (December 2019)

"You wrote a wonderful books about the NC teams and so many of us that will be at the charity golf event event below would love to see as we have so many avid golf and sports fans. ... Thanks so much Ed & Slynn. Books are wonderful."

Jeff S. (March 2017)

"My husband and I have enjoyed the 1st book and have purchased books 2 book about Auburn, 1 about Ole Miss and 1 Georgia for Christmas gifts for children and grand-children. Mr. McMinn does a fabulous job tying in the sports with his devotional scriptures. I’m glad that our youngest son was thoughtful enough to send us the book. Hope it won’t be too long before the new book arrives as we are fast finishing the one we started at the first of the year."

Patsy F. (March 2017)

"Am a Rebel and LOVED my Ole Miss book. My grandkids are MS State fans. Hope this book [Mississippi State Bulldog Kids Edition] will bless them as much as I have been, God bless you!"

Mike G. (June 2016)

"Just wanted to say how much I really love your devotions books. I am a Georgia fan and a Christian so these books are very informative as well as spiritually lifting."

Allen D. (September 2015)

"Ed, I enjoy your devotion so much. I am a Okla. State Cowboy Alum, but your daily study is so well done that I am now doing the Okla. Sooners. Great study again! Gave the Cowboys to a Poke Friend of mine and he is enjoying also. Thanks so much for your inspiring work."

Mikey P. (September 2015)


An urgent spiritual message for Duke fans.

Posted by Ashley Judd on Monday, April 20, 2015
Ashley Judd (April 2015)
"I received a copy of your Oklahmona State Cowboys Daily Devotions for Die-hard Fans. Hopefully, it will inspire the Cowboy Nation."

T. Boone P. (February 2015)

"I am impressed by your book and would like to order a few. Also, I’d like to tell you the rest of the story: We have a celebrity of sorts at OSU named Larry Reece. He has been the public address announcer for Cowboy football and basketball, Cowgirl basketball and many other sports for about 25 years since his days as a student at OSU. He has been a leader at our university during some of our best sporting events – Final Four runs under Coach Sutton and a Fiesta Bowl win under Coach Gundy. He has also been a leader during two of our darkest days – the plane crash that took the lives of 10 great men, many of whom were his close friends, associated with OSU basketball including 2 players and the 2011 plane crash that took the lives of OSU women’s basketball coach Kurt Budke and Miranda Serna. He has been as dedicated of a Cowboy as one could ever hope to be.

Larry definitely has the most recognizable voice associated with OSU and is one of the most recognizable names for OSU fans. Now, the part that relates to your book. Larry was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. The prognosis is good for Larry and he will start treatment at MD Anderson in Houston soon. I wanted the perfect gift for Larry and I could not have received a more perfect gift than your book when I received it in the mail from my uncle. The book hit home with me because it was an intersection of two things that were so important to me – my faith and my Cowboys. I looked at the number of daily devotions and it was close to the number of days in which Larry would be in treatment. It was easy to see that I received this not to read it but to pass it on to Larry.

So, from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you! Larry has a “prayer posse” of OSU fans who are praying for him and I know he would welcome your prayers. Thanks again for preparing the book. And when you are watching a Cowboy basketball game next year on ESPN be sure and listen to the PA announcer in the background who we call the “Voice of the Cowboys” – you won’t find a better PA guy around.

Go God and Go Pokes!!"

Brandon M. (February 2015)

"I just want to thank you for these books. I have given several as Christmas gifts this year. They make a great gift for Christians and those you would like to see have a closer walk with God. I love mine - for Alabama!! I can't wait to read the next day's devotional."

Brenda C. (December 2014)

"I would like to say I love the daily devotions for die-hard fans Georgia bulldogs edition is great. I played football at Ware County High School in Waycross Ga and I can relate to most of the stories. I got it as a gift for graduation in May 2014 and its a life changer. Thanks Mr. McMinn!"

Devin B. (November 2014)

"I have spent the better part of 2014 reading Daily Devotions with my son at night at bedtime. He just turned 12 and can really appreciate both the sports and biblical stories/analogies. As a third generation Auburn graduate, this also gives me an opportunity to share some of the ‘Traditions’ that makes Auburn special in the context of a daily spiritual discussion. Recently, my son noted with some sadness that we are nearing the end of our book. I could tell that he really enjoys the stories and discussion. I cannot wait to surprise him with ‘More Daily Devotions’. Hope that you have time and energy to write “Yet More Daily Devotions”…."

Jim E. (August 2014)

"I’m a fan, alright -- a fan of Ed McMinn! What a perfect way to start each day -- a trip down memory lane with my OU Sooners (or my daughter’s TCU Horned Frogs) and a beautiful tie-in with an eternal truth.
I can’t imagine the effort that went into so effectively researching and writing all the Die-Hard books done to date but I do admire and appreciate the results I have seen.
Thank you for your expertise and efficiency. You are a beautiful writer."

Dick M., OU class of ‘52 (May 2014)

"For Christmas last year I gave Die-Hard Fans book to my daughter (TCU), my husband (UT) and I picked up one for my self (TCU). Now it's April and we are finished. Is there any way we can get more of these jewels? I start everyday with my Bible study book and my Die-Hard Fans reading of the day. I truly start my days off in a much better frame of mind and I try to carry it all through the day. Please keep writing and I'll keep buying! Thanks so much and God Bless all of you."

Suzanne R. (April 2014)

"I just finished the Oklahoma State Daily Devotional that I got for Christmas and just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write and publish such a great devotional. I'm going to give it to a friend who is even more of a "die hard fan" than I am. Thanks again and may God continue to abundantly bless your ministry."

Bryan T. (March 2014)

"I love your product! God Bless You folks!"

Paul H. (February 2014)

"My husband and I would like to let Pastor Ed McMinn know how much we are enjoying his devotional book, Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Fans, N.C. State Wolfpack. It is amazing how Pastor Ed has used Scriptures and personal people examples we are familiar with to share God's Word. Our daughter gave my husband this devotional for Father's Day in 2013 and he and I share the daily devotional together along with our Bible Study. So, thank you Pastor Ed. In God's Love"

Donna N. (February 2014)

"I am ... the woman you gave an OU devotion book to yesterday, the mother of a deployed Marine. Thank you for you kindness. You may know how it feels to have a child deployed in this crazy world, the concerns, the “fears”, and the wonders. You may know what it is like to care for the pregnant spouse left behind (my darling daughter-in-law was with me yesterday.) You may know far more than I can tell you because you may have served our beloved nation yourself. But even if you don’t, you certainly showed the love of Christ yesterday and I will treasure your act forever.
{My son}, 24 years old, does not know another Christian at his base. Isn’t that a horrible thought in a profession which encompasses the risk of death as part of the daily job description? He is reaching out and sharing the gospel as much as he can starting with a bunkmate who is searching for answers. Braden’s future plans include attending seminary to become a pastor. Your book will mean the world to him!"

Darlene C. (October 2013)

"Dear DDFDHF, I just wanted to thank you for publishing such inspirational books. The first book I purchased was last year in a hospital gift shop for my mother. She had many health problems and was in ICU after having her hip fixed after it broke. My mother was a UT VOLS fan after UT wanted me to go to school there, but when my mother's health started going bad I had to take care of her instead of going to UT along with taking care of my autistic sister. She never forgot our trip to UT. She said it was the happiest time of her life. Any way your book gave her such happiness and hope in our LORD. It took her back to our time at UT. On May 5th 2013 my mother passed away from her battle with pulmonary fribrosis. Your book and her Bible was by her bed side. I am sorry to poor my heart out to yall but I felt yall should know what happiness brought 1 person. I will always promote your books hoping it will bring some one else as much happiness. GOD bless yall!!"

Tim W. (September 2013)

"I just finished the UGA Daily Devotional & I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I really got a lot out of it from a recreational standpoint but more importantly from a spiritual standpoint."

Todd E. (August 2013)

"I am really enjoying the Texas A & M devotional guide. The Aggie stories are very interesting and the spiritual applications are a blessing. Thank you for creating this guide."

Michael M. (August 2013)

"Aggie Devotional is an excellent book! This was my fourth copy purchased, but not my last. I have several other friends that I plan on giving copies to."

William N. (June 2013)

"Just wanted to thank you for writing the great devotional Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Fans Kentucky Wildcats. The book is very entertaining, as well as the message in each devotion. Simply great. I read a lot of spiritual books (Stanley, Swindoll) this ranks with the best I have read. Thanks so very much and God Bless."

Bob W. (June 2013)

"I am retired bapt minister (85 last week). I have not devotional book in my 67 years of ministry that matches yours!!!! I have bought a bunch of them for family. Keep them coming."

Harry G. (June 2013)

"I am now on page 39 of Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Fans and what a joy it is reading these devotions! Thank you."

Yeager A. (April 2013)

"I am a member of the Western North Carolina A&M Club. I received your devotional, Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Fans: Texas A&M Aggies, as a gift this Christmas and absolutely love it. Its been a huge blessing to me. I cant wait to open it up each day to see what the Lord wants to say."

Arlana P. (April 2013)

"... I have a VTech. friend who shared hers with me. I really liked it! Thank you for your calling to write devotionals!"

Colleen B. (February 2013)

"My grandson ... gave me a copy of your book for Christmas, which you graciously autographed and I thank you. I have finished the book--thoroughly enjoyed it and will be buying it for some of my Yellow Jacket friends."

Ron K. (February 2013)

"We read your book on the Vols as part of our morning devotional reading. We often talk about aspects of the lessons from the reading. Thank you for the inspiration your writing gives."

Connie & Van W. (February 2013)

"Our church men’s group seemed to really like the 'Die Hard Devotionals' that were given to them this morning. Every copy was taken..."

Jimmy B. (February 2013)

"My dad and husband LOVE them. I would LOVE to purchase another one for my grandfather."

Kippon L. (January 2013)

"My father gave me the Ole Miss Rebel Edition of your devotional and it is excellent ... Thanks for your heart to provide a devotion for those of us that love God and love sports ..."

Chris B. (January 2013)

“This is my stocking stuffer of the century ... they will love it!"

Customer at Tinsel & Treasures (September 2012)

“I also never knew how to get my husband interested in reading a devotional until tonight! He was so excited to "fill in the blanks" as I read his Auburn devotional. As God so oftentimes appears when we least expect it, I'll use your saying to describe our meeting and my purchase tonight - "Go God!". Thanks again :)”

Paige C. (September 2012)

“I received the Auburn version last Christmas and have found it a great devotional, so I am ordering the Kentucky and Ohio State version for friends.”

Lewe M. (September 2012)

"I received one of your books for my birthday and enjoy it so much that I would like to order about 5 books."

Dan C. (September 2012)

"Just purchased your edition for The Ohio State! What a blessing it has been! Thank you for your amazing talents and thank you for using them to the glory of God!"

Anthony R. (July 2012)

"...I wish I'd bought a case of them!... I was not aware of your series of university devotional books until I saw the Virginia Tech edition tonight at the Lynchburg, VA Cracker Barrel. (It would not surprise me that other Cracker Barrels have the VT edition.) I plan to purchase it soon, along with another school's edition to give as a gift. What a great idea! I'm sure the Holy Spirit was working in Brother McMinn's heart as he prepared his first book, leading him to do the series. Just fantastic!"

Rhudy C. (July 2012)

"Thank you for the excellent customer service in responses and shipping! I have two friends who own independent single gift shops and intend to share with them the offering so they can consider stocking in their stores. Thanks again and God bless!."

Sean B. (May 2012)

"I do not know if this message goes to the real creators, publishers, authors, or whatever of the devotional book but I want to tell yall thank you. My mother broke her hip last week and had to have emergency surgery then because of her health had to spend a week in a ICU room. Her spirit was down and saddened. I went to the hospital gift shop and with the last bit of money to my name until I do not know when I bought her a TENNESSEE VOLS book. My mother loves 3 things in life. GOD, her children, and the Vols. This book brought tears of joy to my mothers face after reading 2 pages. She has a long road to recovery, I am struggling to keep my energy and gas in my truck to go back and forth to the hospital, but this book yall have made has brought joy to my mother and for that I say thank you and GOD bless. Please keep my family in yalls prayers."

Tim W. (May 2012)

"Have two of your die hard books (LSU & Texas) and love them. I was born & raised in La. but have lived in Austin for the last 30 years. I have started my second reading of both and enjoying it as much as I did the first time."

George A. (Apr. 2012)

"A friend gave me Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Fans – Alabama Crimson Tide for Christmas. The friend and I lead a weekly Bible study group in Birmingham, AL at Canterbury UMC. I love starting my day with a devotion to get me headed in the right direction. Now, with your book, I can begin my day with God’s Word and also read about my alma mater. What an awesome idea!! I’ve only read the first sixteen devotions but already find your scripture selections inspiring, challenging and so comforting. Then I get to read the scripture applied to something about Alabama sports. Can’t beat that!

I gave a copy of the book to every adult member of my family. Unfortunately (being a Georgia fan you’ll know what I mean) I had to purchase one Auburn book. I would love to incorporate it into our Bible study but, you guessed it, there are Auburn fans in it as well.

Thank you SO much for writing these books. I continue to be awed by the way God works and allows His followers to share His love through so many avenues."

Janice W. (Jan. 2012)

My name is Amy M. and I am Coach Spurrier's daughter. I was so lucky to receive a copy of your book Daily Devotions for Diehard Fans - Florida Gators from my friend Julie who met you recently. Thank you so much!
I was moved to tears on many of the passages! Not only are the stories and quotes so accurate and simplified but the message they share of faith and peace are overwhelming.
Great job on this book! I plan to share it with my Dad when I see him this weekend in Columbia.
Happy Thanksgiving and God bless!"

Amy M. (Nov. 2011)

"I wanted to formally thank you for the amazing contribution that y'all made toward our silent auction. The Die-Hard Fans items were some of the most popular and my prayer is that if people were not familiar with your products ... they are now! Thank you for helping such a great cause!"

Becky & Scott R. (Sept. 2011)

"This is such a non-threatening way to present some outstanding truths about our Lord to folks I want to reach out to. It's often difficult to approach the subject of eternal life through God's forgiveness and his Grace, but this vehicle that Ed McMinn has produced is a great door opener. It's such a natural follow-up for me to call someone to whom I have mailed a book and ask how they are enjoying it, and if they have in any way had their faith encouraged by the messages they have read. It's so subtle, yet so powerful..."

Ken B. (Sept. 2011)

"Ed, Greetings from the T.'s in Quitman! Very proud to see your name on these wonderful books. You were my favorite teacher at VSU! Take care."

Delia T. (Aug. 2011)

"I received your NCSU Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Fans for Christmas from my son (fourth generation NCSU grad!!!) When reading the second day devotion I read that a W.H.Davis was the team manager for the first North Carolina A&M basketball team. I was blessed to be given my grandfather's college annuals. I quickly pulled out his l911 annual and found that this W.H.Davis is my grandfather!!! What a treat to have this information to pass on to my children.Thank you so much for a wonderful devotion book and some precious information. My father played baseball(still holds pitching records at NCSU!) and football(captian of the first Gator Bowl team-l947) at NCSU.(Second generation) I was a cheerleader(third generation),my brother played baseball My son just had fun -- but did graduate with honors!!! The best for a wonderful 2011."

Janet E. (December 2010)

"Don't know you - but sure love your book LSU - Daily Devotions!! It is truly awesome."

Karen L. (May 2010)


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