Read a LSU Tigers Excerpt

Read a Tigers Excerpt

Read Psalm 33:4-11.

“The plans of the Lord stand firm forever.”
(v. 33b).

Getting a football team to and from a bowl game takes a lot of planning. One time, however, the Tigers got caught with no way to get home. LSU hit the road to Miami after receiving an Orange Bowl bid in 1943. The Tigers pulled off an upset, beating Texas A&M 19-14.

So far, everything had gone according to plan. But then came a glitch. This was the middle of World War II. With soldiers being moved across the country, berths on a train weren’t available for the Tigers. Neither were seats on a commercial flight.

So a former LSU student manager came up with a plan that bailed the team out. He was now a banker who owned a car dealership in Baton Rouge. He got in touch with a fellow car dealer in Miami he had done business with and bought a whole bunch of used cars.

The team drove home in the cars. The car dealer/banker then put them on his car lot and sold them. Head coach Bernie Moore, by the way, got the best car: a Cadillac. People make plans every single day. You do, too. You plan to go to school. You plan to do your chores. You plan to go spend some time with your grandparents.

But what if something happens to mess up your plans? What if you wake up sick so you can’t go swimming or play baseball like you planned? Sometimes even when you make a great plan, it doesn’t work out, does it?

God has plans for you, too. God’s plan for you has nothing but good things like happiness, love, and kindness. But it will work only if you make God the boss of your life.

What are your plans for tomorrow? Tomorrow night, think back and see if they turned out the way you planned.

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