Read an Aggies Kids Excerpt

Read an Aggies KIDS Excerpt
Hard Workers

Read Matthew 9:35-38.

There are only a few workers.

R.C. Slocum had his first job when he was in the second grade.

Slocum is the winningest football coach in Texas A&M history. From 1989-2002, he won 123 games. He got each win the hard way: He worked for it.

In his office at A&M, Slocum kept a shoe-shine box to remind him of that first job. He set out charging a dime for shoe shines. By the time he was in the fifth grade, he had upped the price to a quarter.

Slocum’s dad worked in the shipyards of Orange, Texas. His family lived in the poorest part of town. “It was the kind of place that you had to fight to get in and fight to get out,” Slocum said.

He got out by working. He worked at a plant, shined shoes, delivered newspapers, sacked groceries, and cleaned up old ships. By the time he was a senior in high school, Slocum had worked for ten years.

Football gave him a way out of a hopeless life. He wasn’t the best player around, but he worked hard at it. And worked his way right into the A&M Hall of Fame.

When grown-ups talk about what they do for a living, they’re talking about their job. Work is just a part of life. Even now, you maybe can earn a little bit of pocket money by doing your chores or by helping your mom or your dad around the house or out in the yard.

There’s another kind of work you can do right now and all your life. You can work for God. Jesus said there are only a few people willing to work for God. That’s still true, even today. God needs more people to work for him. God needs you.

So what are you waiting for?

Come up with some ways you can work for God right now. Get to work.

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