Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Fans: Ole Miss Rebels

Ole Miss Rebels
Ole Miss Rebels
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Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Fans: Ole Miss Rebels combines the great passion of the Mississippi fan with the great passion of the fan of Christ into one set of devotions, one book that is fun while providing a time of reflection about God and your faith.

• A Rebel football player did something so shocking during a game that a rule was passed so he couldn’t do it again.

• The greatest softball player in Ole Miss history made herself over as a player before her senior season.

• Players once injured their head coach while celebrating a win.

• That he stood a good chance of getting a date was one reason why Sean Tuohy chose Ole Miss over LSU.

• A Rebel football team once threatened to boycott a bowl game over a suit of clothes.

These stories and more are recounted here. Also appearing are Archie Manning, Johnny Vaught, Bianca Thomas, Houston Nutt, Deuce McAllister, Eli Manning, and many others. Their stories – along with legendary games, improbable victories, and historical events – are told with a twist: They are all tied to God’s story.

Have fun! Have faith!

Go Rebels! Go God!

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