Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Fans: Nebraska Cornhuskers

Nebraska Cornhuskers
Nebraska Cornhuskers
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Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Fans: Nebraska Cornhuskers combines the great passion of the Nebraska fan with the grand passion of the fan of Christ in one set of devotions. The result is a book that is fun while it provides a time of reflection about God and your faith.

• The most improbable touchdown in Nebraska history saved a game, a season, and a national championship.

• Eric Crouch called it the worst play he had ever seen — but it netted a game-breaking touchdown against Oklahoma.

• A Nebraska pole vaulter with a bad back changed college football forever.

• The leading rusher in Nebraska’s 2013 spring game was 7 years old.

• Legendary NU track and field coach Gary Pepin once refused to accept a conference championship.

These stories and more are recounted here. Also appearing are Tom Osborne, Mike Rozier, Taylor Martinez, Bob Devaney, Johnny Rodgers, Mike Riley, and many others. Their stories — along with legendary games, improbable victories, and historical events — are to+ld with a twist: They are all tied to God’s story.

Have fun! Have faith! Go Big Red! Go God!

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