Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Kids: Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia Bulldogs KIDS
Georgia Bulldogs KIDS
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DAILY DEVOTIONS FOR DIE-HARD KIDS: GEORGIA BULLDOGS combines the excitement you feel when reading about the Dawgs with the fun of learning more about Jesus and your faith. Youíll read stories like these:

* Uga is such a great mascot that one time he even helped Georgia win a football game.

* Georgia and Georgia Tech once pledged not to poison each otherís players with laxatives during baseball games.

* The drive to the 1980 national championship began with a stolen pig.

* One UGA player had a helmet full of orange juice when a coach told him to get back in the game.

* On a fishing trip, a UGA coach wound up with a very big, very mad gator in the trunk of his car.

Youíll read about a bunch of Bulldog people like Herschel Walker, Aaron Murray, and Mark Richt. Their stories and tales of some great games and big wins are told with a twist: They all teach you about Godís story, too.

Have fun! Have faith!
Go Dawgs! Go God!


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What a Surprise!

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:1-6.

The day Jesus comes back should not catch you by surprise.

The Gator head coachís decision surprised his own players, and UGA got a surprise win.

The Dawgs of 1975 were 6-2 but were big underdogs to the Florida Gators. With 3:42 left, Georgia pulled off one the most famous plays in school history. Tight end Richard Appleby threw a bomb to flanker Gene Washington for a touchdown and a 10-7 lead.

The Gators tried to save themselves. They moved to a first down at the Bulldogs 21, but the Dawg defense dug in. Florida wound up with a fourth-and-ten with 50 seconds left. Thatís when the Gator coach surprised every-one, including his own players.

Everyone expected Florida to go for it since a tie meant they would not win the SEC. At the last minute, the head coach called for a field goal. Caught by surprise, the Gator snapper had not warmed up. The snap was poor, and the kick barely got off the ground.

The Bulldogs had surprised the country.

Is anything much cooler than a surprise birthday party? How much fun would Christmas presents be if they werenít a surprise? Some surprises are about the most fun you can have.

But grown-ups usually spend a lot of time and energy to avoid most surprises. Thatís because many surprises arenít good things. Avoiding surprises is what adults call planning.

Thereís one surprise nobody can avoid, how- ever. Itís the greatest and most wonderful surprise of all. Itís the day Jesus comes back to Earth to take Christians to Heaven.

The Bible tells us you donít know when that will be. Itís a surprise. But you can plan for it by loving Jesus and claiming him as your Lord and Savior.

Have you planned for the day Jesus comes back? Tell how you can do that.

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