Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Kids: Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia Bulldogs KIDS
Georgia Bulldogs KIDS
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DAILY DEVOTIONS FOR DIE-HARD KIDS: GEORGIA BULLDOGS combines the excitement you feel when reading about the Dawgs with the fun of learning more about Jesus and your faith. Youíll read stories like these:

* Uga is such a great mascot that one time he even helped Georgia win a football game.

* Georgia and Georgia Tech once pledged not to poison each otherís players with laxatives during baseball games.

* The drive to the 1980 national championship began with a stolen pig.

* One UGA player had a helmet full of orange juice when a coach told him to get back in the game.

* On a fishing trip, a UGA coach wound up with a very big, very mad gator in the trunk of his car.

Youíll read about a bunch of Bulldog people like Herschel Walker, Aaron Murray, and Mark Richt. Their stories and tales of some great games and big wins are told with a twist: They all teach you about Godís story, too.

Have fun! Have faith!
Go Dawgs! Go God!

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