Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Kids: Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama Crimson Tide KIDS
Alabama Crimson Tide KIDS
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Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Kids: Alabama Crimson Tide< combines the excitement you feel when reading about the Crimson Tide with the fun of learning more about Jesus and your faith. Youíll read stories like these:

* In one Alabama basketball game, the subs refused to go in.

* Alabama landed one of its greatest players because of a flat tire.

* Quarterback Jay Barker was once grateful that he was benched.

* No matter how hard he tried, Don McNeal couldnít kill Kate.

* One time, fans ran onto the field and hit Tide players with umbrellas and walking canes.

Youíll read about a lot of Alabama people like Nick Saban and Bear Bryant. Their stories and tales of some great games and big wins are told with a twist: They all teach you about Godís story, too.

Have fun! Have faith!
Roll Tide! Go God!


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New Stuff

Read Hebrews 8:6-9.

The new covenant is better than the old one. It has better promises.

Bear Bryant decided it was time for something new because the old stuff just wasnít working anymore.

After the Tide went 6-5 in 1969 and 1970, the head coach had had enough. That just wasnít good enough for Alabama. He needed something new to get Alabama back to winning football games the way it should.

The greatest coach in college football history went to another coach for help! He visited an old friend, Darrell Royal, who was the head coach at Texas. He even moved into the house with Coach Royal and his wife.

Coach Royal ran an offense called the Wishbone. Bear Bryant liked it because it had a lot of running and blocking and not too much passing the football.

The two coaches set up a projector (think DVD player) and watched film of some Texas games. After only one morning, the Bear told Coach Royal to turn it off. He was going to try the Wishbone.

The brand new Alabama offense worked. The Tide went 11-1 in 1971.

Thereís just nothing like getting new stuff, is there? Like a new bike or video game. Or even new clothes. New things are exciting and fun!

God has given you something new in Jesus. A long time ago, God made some promises to some folks called the Israelites. This set of promises is called a covenant or agreement. But then came Jesus, and God made a new and better covenant that includes everyone, especially you.

Itís a new way for you to get to Heaven and live with God and Jesus forever.

Find some stuff in your room that used to be new but is now old. Like Jesus, is the new stuff better?

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